I am Charles Okeke

Full Stack Developer, Cyber Security Specialist

Name: Charles Okeke

Profile: Full stack developer

Email: okekeemeka20@gmail.com

Phone: (614) 206-2304

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About me

Hello, my name is Charles. I am a self taught full stack developer with a strong Javascript and React Knowlegde.

I currently live in Ohio and just graduated with a Barchelors in Cyber Security.

I am very passionate about web development and am constantly expanding and solidifying on my current knowlegde. I truly enjoy being a developer, solving problems, and learning new things.

I am open to new opportunities in web development and excited about future prospects with potential interested parties.



Built with React, Node, Javascript, Bootstrap, CSS and HTML.


Built with React, Mongodb,Node, Redux, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.


Built with React, Node, Javascript, Boostrap, CSS and HTML.


Built with React, Firebase, Javascript, Bootstrap and Redux.


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  • okekeemeka20@gmail.com
  • (614) 206-2304
  • okeke05@email.franklin.edu
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